How to Print the Articles

Before I give you the directions on how to print the articles, I need to mention an issue with regard to printing. The reality is that web browsers are optimized for viewing on the screen and are not so well optimized for printing. This means that it takes a lot of work to format a web page that has a complicated layout (such as the articles on this site). This is further complicated by the fact that not all browsers print the same code in the same manner. Thus, two different browsers can print the same page differently. In fact, at this time, some browsers ignore some printing instructions entirely. For instance, Firefox ignores any pagination instructions that are imbedded in a cascading style sheet (which is used heavily on this site).

Thus, trying to produce a web site that will print well with all browsers is an extremely time consuming task. Therefore, I had a decision to make. I could either spend all my time formatting articles to print with different browser, or I could format the articles for one browser and spend the rest of my time writing new articles. I felt that the later choice would be of more benefit to my readers, so that is the option that I chose. Consequently, these articles have been formatted to print with Internet Explorer 7. If you chose to print the articles with any other browser, you will probably get a printed article that does not print as well as it would in Internet Explorer 7.

Printing Instructions

  1. Go to Internet Explorer 7.
  2. Choose File/Print Preview.
  3. Set the Change Print Size menu to Shrink to Fit (see Figure1).
  4. Click on the Page Setup icon at the top of the page (see Figure 1).
  5. Set the Paper Size, Orientating, and Margins options as shown in Figure 2.
  6. Print the article.
Figure 1
Figure 2